Memory Book

Fostering is hard. It is hard to fully commit your heart to little ones, to train and guide them through their trauma and pain for days, months, and sometimes years. It is painful to love despite the unavoidable pain of reunification, and yet, we love anyway. We accept the consequences of our deep love of each individual child with the goal of demonstrating unconditional love as we have been given.

Pictures and photobooks are tangible ways for foster families to remember and cherish every moment spent with their sibling group. We also would like to provide a photobook to be gifted to the biological family upon reunification. This would allow bio-families to have pictures and records of their children’s’ childhood while they were in care.

These funds will go towards providing foster, adoptive and biological families with custom photobooks of the children’s memories while in care. Each photobook is expected to cost $25.00


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